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June, 2017

Southern Lakes residents and visitors alike will soon see some changes
to parking at Queenstown Airport with a broader range of options and
locations to be introduced from July 1  providing greater choice for
airport customers.

Queenstown Airport Chief Executive Colin Keel says the upcoming
changes will help address the pressures related to parking around the
airport associated with the significant increase in passenger numbers
and community growth over recent years.

The experience our customers have with parking sets the tone for the
start of their travel experience. We have been out there over many
months listening to residents and visitors, and benchmarking ourselves
against other airports to improve the car parking products at
Queenstown Airport, Mr Keel says.

A public drop-off lane directly outside the terminal will be re-
introduced on July 1, along with various other changes.

Bringing back a quick, convenient way to drop off travellers without
going into the main carpark was the number one piece of feedback we
received from local residents, so were re-establishing dedicated free 2-
minute drop-off lanes, says Mr Keel.

Front door drop-offs havent been available for the past two years, but
we have now completed a number of traffic flow and safety
improvements at the entrance to the airport to enable them to be
safely reinstated. Our airport operations team will ensure that the new
area moves smoothly.

Airport customers will have more choice with the new parking options at
a range of prices:
" Free 2-minute (or P2) public drop-off lanes for when a quick
farewell is all thats needed to say goodbye to loved ones, friends or
work colleagues.
" Free 20-minute (or P20) express pick-up and drop-off parks just
inside Terminal car park A opposite the terminal. This is the longest
free period available at airports around the country.
" Terminal Car Parks A and B with 450 conveniently located spaces
situated close to the terminal building. For customers keen to do away
with tickets and queuing at a pay station, new Tap & Go technology
has recently been introduced, making it easier and more convenient to
pay by credit and debit cards.
" Park and Ride is the new 150-space facility on Brookes Road behind
Mitre 10 Mega which will provide an affordable, safe and efficient
option for those looking to park for two or more days. The service
includes a free half-hourly airport shuttle. This facility is planned to
increase to 300 spaces at the end of the year.
By December, Queenstown Airports public parking capacity will have
increased by almost 70 per cent within a 12-month period.

Mr Keel says the range of parking options will provide local residents
and visitors more choice and less stress when parking at the airport.

As we continue to invest significantly in new parking infrastructure and
technology, its been necessary to evaluate and adjust the charges for
the convenient terminal parking offering with some prices increasing,
some staying the same and others decreasing based on demand at
certain periods.

We have worked hard to balance these changes with the availability of
the free 2-minute drop-off and 20-minute drop-off and pick-up options,
and the new lower cost Park and Ride offering.

From 1 September, once the two month introductory pricing finishes,
Park and Ride rates will be on average $10 a day or $70 a week, with
discounts kicking in after two weeks.

We are anticipating strong uptake for Park and Ride, which is the best
and most economical option for longer term stays. Weve spoken with
more than 1,000 people and, based on their feedback, more than 80 per
cent have indicated a desire to give Park and Ride a go. Mr Keel says.

These changes together represent a major step forward in our long-
term car parking and ground transport plan which will see further
investment in technology and the launch of new products to make the
parking experience as convenient as possible. We also continue to
welcome the feedback of visitors and residents as we strive to make a
visit to Queenstown Airport a memorable experience for all the right
reasons, said Mr Keel.


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