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June, 2017

Skyline Enterprises is considering redevelopment of OConnells Shopping
Centre in central Queenstown.
Chairman Mark Quickfall confirmed the tourism operator was speaking
to architects and quantity surveyors, but stressed it was too early to say
what changes at OConnells might potentially look like.
"Weve had some preliminary discussions but it is still a long way down
the track to know exactly what we are doing ... whether that is a
refurbishment or redevelopment. We are investigating both those
options and the tenants are very much aware of that."
Mr Quickfall could not say when work would start, but said 2017 would
be "gobbled up" making a decision.
The work has been welcomed, but not all tenants were pleased about
the possible changes to the building on the corner of Beach and Camp
Goldfields Jewellers owner Trond Johansson was worried about having
to relocate, having been on the corner for 12 years.
The shop had two entrances and Mr Johansson said it was the perfect
location as effectively a stand-alone store.
"I am happy to stay where I am. Its a great place, I have a streetfront
spot and a workshop upstairs. Im hoping for a refurb[ishment] as I
would have to find another place to go."
He described Skyline as a good landlord, and understood the need for
Tenant Mike Collins, who recently moved Detour clothing store back into
the shopping centre, applauded Skyline.
"OConnells used to be a focal point for retail back in its day and the
building is definitely past its use-by date. Im really looking forward to
hearing and seeing plans of what they are going to do.
"It is a prime central location and its great Skyline are investing in the
building or in the site. If they are going to bring it up to a modern
standard and turn it into a nice looking plaza or whatever, it is only
going to be good for Queenstown."
The shopping centre, originally opened in April 1988, is home to
businesses, including QT Pharmacy, Smith & Western clothing store,
Queenstown Language School, eateries and Skylines office.

(Source: Mountain Scene)


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