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February, 2019

The Queenstown Lakes District Council this month published the findings
from its Our Community Spaces research on the council website.
QLDC senior advisor, community liason and policy, Marie Day oversaw
the research, which was sponsored by regional funders Central Lakes
Trust, Community Trust South and the Otago Community Trust.
Over 200 community groups, services and facility managers contributed
to this research and we want to thank them for taking their time to do
this, says Ms Day. The report provides real insight into local
community groups and services, particularly in relation to their current
and future facility needs.
QLDC community services general manager Thunes Cloete says the
objective of the research was to understand what facilities are
currently used, who uses them, and where opportunities lie for facility
development in our growing district.
After carrying out the research, it is clear there is a real need for
improved planning with community funders and community groups, and
also a partnership approach across a wide range of stakeholders, says
Dr Cloete.
The regional funders - Otago Community Trust, Central Lakes Trust and
Community Trust South - all shared this sentiment.
As a major funder in the Queenstown Lakes District we recognise the
challenges facing the district with unprecedented growth and the
impact this has on community facilities, says Barbara Bridger, chief
executive of Otago Community Trust.
The findings will be beneficial for future planning and give insight into
the needs and demands that community groups and services have for
facilities and space in the region, says Margo Hishon, chair of
Community Trust South.
Its particularly useful to understand these challenges, so we can take
a proactive, co-ordinated approach to future community investment
requirements, says Susan Finlay, chief executive of Central Lakes Trust.
We are confident that with this information, all parties can work more
closely to together to ensure resources are maximised to deliver the
best outcomes for our communities, added Mrs Bridger.
The key ideas and opportunities identified through the research are to:
" plan a more coordinated approach to community facility
" take a networked approach to facility management
" build collaborative partnerships
" harness innovation and good design principles
" ensure council-owned facilities meet demand
" identify land for facility development
" explore and develop creative funding avenues.
The report and supplementary information can be read at:


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