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April, 2019

Queenstown is hosting an inaugural Australasian auctioneering
competition this month.
The LVD Auctioneering Invitational features a dozen top-class orators
from New Zealand and Australia and 13 novices.
Held at the Crowne Plaza hotel, its open to the public and will also be
broadcast online via GAVL and Facebook. It culminates with the top five
auctioneers calling a simulated auction at a yet-to-be-disclosed
Queenstown property.
Chief organiser Mark Sumich says: Ive seen the property and its got a
big view of the water.
Thats what were after, to bring the creative juices to the fore.
A four-time NZ champion and three-time Australasian champ whos
called almost 12,000 auctions, Sumich says Queenstown was chosen as
Central Otago region and Dunedin have become popular for auctions,
but the areas not hosted this range of high-quality auctioneers before.
He adds its also a precursor for Queenstown possibly hosting the
Australasian champs, which come to New Zealand every four years. The
competition has been held in Auckland four times.
The competition is timed to allow auctioneers to hone their craft ahead
of pinnacle events later this year. He believes an auctioneers key
attribute is being able to read the audience. We encourage spontaneity
 we want the individual to come to the fore.


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