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January, 2020

Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) chief executive Mike Theelen
has signed, and approved for public release, the scope agreed with
MartinJenkins to complete the economic and social impact assessments
of future airport development in the district.
The agreement we have developed with the MartinJenkins team
provides an outline of the context for these assessments, the
deliverables we are expecting, and a revised timeline. We havent tried
to define the how. As the experts in this space, thats for
MartinJenkins to develop the detail and they will build their analytical
models based on extensive information and literature reviews. The
findings will be complemented by data collection through focus groups
and research surveys, said Mr Theelen.
The findings from the assessments will be one of the sources that
informs Councils future direction on the QAC draft Statement of Intent
and the draft Spatial Plan, as well as providing an independent social
and economic perspective of the districts airport infrastructure,
including both Queenstown and Wnaka airports.
The social impact assessment will include consideration of the
environmental effects of different airport scenarios, recognising that
this is a key concern for many. A more detailed assessment of
environmental sustainability matters related to airport operations will
be covered in Queenstown Airport Corporations own sustainability
framework. A key focus of this internal review, currently underway, is
the steps QAC is taking to offset and reduce the impacts of its business
activities on the environment.
Initial stakeholder discussions will be completed in January with wider
activity being conducted in February with MartinJenkins team planning
to engage with social and cultural groups, businesses, airlines,
community support groups, and more to ensure all perspectives can be
In keeping with the Mayors commitment that the community will have
an opportunity to give feedback on the issues, an open online forum will
be developed.
The final report will be delivered by the end of April, but key findings
will be provided to QLDC in March to inform time-sensitive decisions
such as the adoption of the draft SOI and draft Spatial Plan, said Mr


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