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April, 2020

Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) is hoping to kick-start the
districts economy with government funding, bringing in over 1,600 jobs
and upwards of $1billion in economic benefits.
The council is requesting $68million in contributions from the Crown
Infrastructure Partners shovel ready fund for key infrastructure
projects throughout the district. If fully supported this will unlock over
$500 million of currently planned and accelerated investment across
QLDC and NZTA, including up to $180million in new investment into the
Queenstown arterials. Nationally the $800million fund will support
infrastructure projects which are ready to go within the next six to 12
months and will add significant value to the nations economic recovery
from the COVID-19 crisis.
Mayor Jim Boult has applauded the government on its speedy
introduction of the programme and the scale of the funding being made
available. He says he and his council team have been working closely
with Central Government to advocate for significant support across our
district. Investment in these much-needed infrastructure projects will
have an important role in supporting the district, both socially and
economically, as we move to a new post-COVID-19 normal, he says.
I am delighted and reassured that our call-to-arms is being heard by
ministers and Central Government officials, and I am confident that
with their support, and the hard work and commitment of the council
staff, that we can help build a foundation for our community to come
out the other side in a strong position, Mayor Boult added.
Larger-scale infrastructure projects are typically very disruptive,
however, the significant impact on visitor numbers in the foreseeable
future provided an opportunity to fast-track a number of sizeable
projects that have already been proposed or approved, with minimal
While COVID-19 is incredibly unwelcome it affords us the opportunity
to get ahead on key developments and deliver some real benefits to
locals, as well as creating opportunities for our long term future, he
says. The proposals show the team is really thinking about how we can
move the district into recovery. The submission for funding is one part
of a broader approach to reigniting our economy and seeking to grow
and diversify our base.
Mayor Boult thanked members of the council recovery team for their
commitment to moving the community forward and capitalising on
available opportunities.
Five pipelines of investment have been submitted for consideration,
where Government support for early shovel ready components will
allow the council to proceed with the remainder of the investment over
the coming years. Proposals include:
> Transform the Queenstown Town Centre. The transformed area will
be a highlight for the district and help draw locals and visitors back to
the CBD and wider area. The key part of this will be the designation
and development of the first stages of the Queenstown arterials which
will lay the foundation for the enhanced town centre, as well as
improving traffic flow and supporting a new public transport hub for the
town centre. The arterial is a strategic investment that unlocks the
longer term redevelopment of the entire town centre in line with the
approved Queenstown Town Centre masterplan. Other aspects include
upgraded streetscaping and public amenity improvements, improved car
parking and local road improvements to support mixed-mode travel.
> Fast track an upgrade to the Shotover Delta Waste Water
Treatment Plant which will see the oxidation ponds decommissioned,
which allows the repurposing of about ten hectares of land into a Zero
Waste Kimiakau Community Eco Park including a materials recovery
facility and other recycling facilities.
> Support the Cardrona Wastewater Pipeline Project and Cardrona
Wastewater Treatment Plant to enable a compliant wastewater scheme
in the resort town.
> Enhance the Wnaka Lakefront providing strong connections to the
Wnaka town centre. It will promote active travel modes, host a range
of recreational activities, enhance ecology and increase the visibility of
Ki Tahu through lakefront design, reflecting the importance of the lake
to mana whenua. The proposal focuses on fast-tracking the later stages
of the proposed lakefront development.
> Upgrades and new sport, cultural and recreational facilities at the
Queenstown Events Centre. Fast-tracked elements include two new
artificial turfs, four new outdoor hardcourts, new and upgraded grass
sports fields and improved access and parking, with later investment by
QLDC including a new renewable waste water heat recovery system,
two new indoor courts.
Mayor Boult said that these projects were critical not only in themselves
but in providing confidence to the market to continue their investment
in the district.
A number of private developers have also made project applications to
the CIP process, and we are encouraged by the continued confidence
shown by investors in the district in these difficult times, he said.
Developers in the district are also supportive of the councils recovery
plans to focus on key projects in the Lakes District. One significant
developer in the district said:
We have been watching the crisis unfold in Queenstown. The steps we
are now seeing QLDC taking to fast-track key projects, in particular the
Town Centre Master Plan and Arterial, is essential to ensure the long-
term viability of Queenstown and to retain a skilled construction
workforce. This is giving us the confidence to continue investing in our
project which will ultimately unlock future housing, key worker
accommodation, and other commercial opportunities. As such, we are
continuing to develop the precinct master plan in collaboration with the
council and we will be excited to present this to the community in due
The application for funding was submitted this month (April) and the
council will now wait for the government to decide which projects they
will be funding through the shovel ready infrastructure fund.
Alongside these, there are many other essential infrastructure projects
across community facilities, roading, waste management and 3 waters
infrastructure that continue to be progressed that didnt meet the
criteria for the fund.
Mayor Boult added that partnerships will be key to making our districts
future a success.
As I have said recently, no single person or organisation can make our
recovery happen. Our engagement and partnership with Central
Government is essential. Partnerships within the private sector and from
within our community are also vital to achieve the best possible
outcome for Queenstown Lakes District. And Id like to thank everyone
out there who is doing their part for our communitys future.


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