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July, 2020

Queenstown Lakes District Council is set to start site establishment and
infrastructure works to enable the subdivision and development of the
Lakeview site in central Queenstown.

Queenstown Lakes District Council strategic projects manager Paul
Speedy said the council had been continuing to work closely with the
consortium of Ninety Four Feet and Augusta Capital, along with other
development partners, on the staged plans to transform the 10 hectare
site into an extension of the Queenstown CBD.

A development agreement has been finalised and plans are underway
for a first stage residential apartment development. While these plans
are finalised, were commencing work that represents the start of an
initial $15million investment over 12 months into the three waters and
the roading infrastructure required to service the subdivision, Mr
Speedy said.

The investment into Lakeview will start with a stormwater upgrade
project, expected to start in mid-July. This upgrade will see the
construction of a new stormwater line from Thompson Street down
Brunswick Street.

The upgrade will also include the installation of an energy dissipation
unit and outlet within Lake Esplanade. The future Lakeview subdivision
works include rain gardens and other treatment systems to remove any
silt or toxins, ensuring that any stormwater runoff from the
development that does reach the lake is clean, minimising
environmental impacts.

QLDC Programme Director Gareth Noble said the work will require
traffic management to be in place and may result in some noise and
reduced on-street car parking in the area.

The council will work closely with neighbouring residents and
businesses to keep them updated and minimise any disruption, he

As a part of further preparatory work, the council is in the process of
appointing a contractor to clear parts of the Lakeview site of vacant
buildings (including cabins). This work is also expected to start early
this month (July).


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