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August, 2020

Skyline Queenstown is pushing pause on several multimillion-dollar
redevelopments while New Zealands borders are closed.

In February 2019, the Environment Court approved a number of projects
for the tourism powerhouse, including a new gondola, a five-storey car
park and a new terminal building.
However, Skyline chief executive Geoff McDonald said his company was
waiting to see what happened with the ongoing global situation before
taking things any further.
Its really hard to put a timeframe on it at the moment.
We really need to get a bit of a sense of what a tourism rebound looks
like. And we wont know what that looks like until the borders are open
and we start seeing people coming back into the country.
Mr McDonald was clear this was not about a need for visitors to finance
the project  rather Skyline wanted to know what a return to tourism in
Queenstown would look like.
If its long and slow, then it doesnt put the same kind of capacity
constraints on the current developments; theres not quite the same
sense of urgency.
The projects were always going to involve a four to five-year
programme, he said.
And it still will be  its just that its going to be pushed out by a
couple of years because of what Covids done.
It has an impact on the building programme and how we can manage
the day-to-day operations with the actual construction, Mr McDonald
However, Skylines OConnells shopping mall project was very much
continuing as planned and would likely finish about November 2021, he
Obviously, we are hopeful by then the environment will have picked up
and we will be able to have the right kind of mix of tenants in there.
The building is at the corner of Camp and Beach Sts.
In the meantime, forestry workers are continuing to clear trees on the
slope up to the Skyline building.
These were not only being removed for the new gondola, but because
many of them were a hazard for the current operation.
As the trees have grown over the years theres more risk of them
coming down and coming down on the gondola line.
The new gondola would be stored in containers once it arrived.

Source: Otago Daily Times


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