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September, 2020

Independent commissioners have refused resource consent for a
controversial $100 million hotel in Fernhill.
Coherent Hotel Ltd applied last December for an eight-storey, 89-room
hotel on a 10,400sqm site in Queenstowns Aspen Grove, below the
Kamana Lakehouse hotel, which it also owns.
Its consent application was considered by independent commissioners at
a three-day hearing in June.
In their decision, released on Tuesday, commissioners Jan Caunter, Lee
Beattie and Calum
MacLeod said the proposals scale would cause adverse, if not
significant adverse effects on neighbouring properties and the wider
area, especially on residents enjoyment of the views from their
Overall, they wrote, it was out of character for its context and
represents an overdevelopment of the site.
It also didnt comply with either the operative or proposed district
The decision is not a surprising one; City Halls planning report on the
application recommended it be turned down, and, of 50 submitters on
the proposal, all but one objected.
Their concerns included the complexs size and height, effects on
outlook and views, shading, the negative impact on the largely
residential neighbourhood, and precedent.

Source: Mountain Scene


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