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April, 2021

A three-storey apartment buildings being proposed for a high-profile
Park Street site opposite the Queenstown Gardens.
Park Street Gardens Ltd, a Christchurch-based company with familial
links to a property development and construction giant headquartered
in Beijing, applied last week for resource consent for the building on a
3500 square metre site encompassing five titles.
To be designed by Christchurchs MAP Architects, it would have 15
apartments for residential or short-term visitor accommodation use,
with 14 of them having a smaller connecting flat.
The apartments floor areas would range from 133sqm to 148sqm, while
the flats would vary in size from 58sqm to 67sqm.
The application says the site now has four older houses, in various
physical conditions, which do not exhibit high aesthetic values.
MAPs design statement says the sites size provides an opportunity for
an architectural form of significance and style that is befitting of the
heritage and character values of the site.
The street-facing facade of the building, which would also have a
138sqm communal rooftop pavilion, would consist of a series of gable
forms, clad in dark-stained cedar weatherboards and timber-shuttered
precast concrete, on either side of a schist-clad section at a bend in the
Large setbacks would not only maintain the amenity values of
neighbours, but provide private and communal outdoor spaces for
residents and visitors, the application says.
Park Street Gardens is a subsidiary of Huadu International Management
Group, owned by businessman Jianping Wang, which has been active in
property development in Christchurch since the mid-2000s.
Wangs the son of Zhiguo Wang, founder of Beijing-based Huadu Group,
one of Chinas larger privately-owned, family-run property development
and construction companies.

Source: Mountain Scene


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