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April, 2021

Much-needed affordable housing for the Queenstown Lakes District is on
the way, after the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) approved
the transfer of land in Arrowtown to the Queenstown Lakes Community
Housing Trust (QLCHT) for $1.
The approval was signed late last month and is a key step in allowing
the land, on Jopp Street, to be developed into a mixture of affordable
rentals. This will include an allocation for elderly housing and Secure
Home properties.
QLDC Chief Executive Mike Theelen said the move was a milestone in
helping bring additional affordable housing to the district.
The transfer will ensure that QLCHT can begin the next stage in their
development of the land. Ultimately, it will lead to the creation of 68
affordable homes and make a small but important difference to the
districts affordable housing stocks, Mr Theelen said.
This is something both QLDC and QLCHT have been working on for
quite some time, and it is satisfying to see the process starting to come
to fruition.
QLCHT Executive Officer Julie Scott noted an application for resource
consent had been lodged, with the Trust expecting to break ground on
the site in spring.
Weve been in the design and masterplanning phase for over a year, so
its really exciting to be moving to the next stage of the project. Our
waiting list now sits at 750 households, so this development will have a
significant impact when the homes are built, Ms Scott said.
She further noted the Trust intends to create a mixed tenure
development, with homes being allocated to a mixture of QLCHTs
housing programmes, including Senior Housing, affordable rentals, rent-
to-buy, and its ground breaking assisted ownership programme, Secure
The sign-off comes after the council initially agreed to transfer the land
to QLCHT for the purpose of affordable housing in April 2019.


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