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June, 2021

The first stage of the Te Kararo Queenstown Gardens Development Plan
gets underway on June 28, 2021, with the multi-stage project aiming to
improve public safety and wayfinding in the area while retaining the
passive recreation qualities of the Gardens.
Queenstown Lakes District Council's (QLDC) General Manager Community
Services, Thunes Cloete expressed excitement at seeing the project
about to begin, noting that Te Kararo Queenstown Gardens was a
significant public space within Queenstown's town centre.
Queenstown Gardens serves the needs of both residents and visitors,
and it's a central, thriving public space and well used by many people
for various purposes, said Dr Cloete.
This Development Plan aims to enhance Te Kararo Queenstown
Gardens' connection with the Queenstown town centre, improving both
accessibility and how people get around the area, and introducing a
number of features which weave the cultural values of mana whenua
into the space.
Work on Stage One starts with upgrades to pathways and lighting just
south of the Queenstown Playground and Horne Creek. Other
improvements include additional street furniture, new wayfinding
signage and some landscaping and planting.
A number of paths in the Queenstown Gardens will be temporarily
closed to pedestrians and out of use while this work is undertaken.
Alternative trails will be signposted to direct pedestrians and cyclists
between Queenstown's town centre and the Gardens.
Marine Parade, the bridge over Horne Creek and the trail leading up to
Park Street will be open, and parking spaces in the Queenstown Gardens
will remain available for recreational users of the Gardens, the
Queenstown Ice Arena, the tennis courts and bowling green.
Councillor and Chair of the Community Services Committee, Craig
Ferguson looked forward to the completion of the Development Plan
which the Committee adopted in April 2018.
Im also looking forward to seeing more locals and visitors relaxing in
the peaceful surroundings of the Gardens, savouring the breathtaking
views and enjoying the amenity that has been a part of Queenstowns
community since 1887, said Mr Ferguson.
Finally, Id like to thank the Friends of the Gardens for their
stewardship and guidance in working with Council on the conception
and implementation of this Development Plan.
Stage One of Te Kararo Queenstown Gardens is estimated to be
complete by the end of October 2021.
The total project cost is $845,000.


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