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June, 2021

A superbly-located old Queenstown apartment buildings been
completely renovated by new owners to become the resorts latest
luxury apartment complex.
A Hong Kong-based family, who first bought Louise Kielys long-
established boutique hotel, Queenstown House, on Hallenstein Street,
then bought a Lake Esplanade complex, beside Bumbles, in late 2019.
Queenstown House managers Samantha Johnson and Paul Mabee, in
association with the owners, then had the complex gutted and
renovated, and this Thursday Queenstown House Lakeside Luxury
Apartments takes its first guests.
You just have to google Queenstown House and were top of
TripAdvisor and everything else, so it makes sense to tack the product
onto something that was existing, Johnson says.
We were originally going to come in and do a bit of a renovation, and
Covid happened and we talked the owners into doing a complete
The owners wanted all the bits like huge TV screens, the technology
and the underfloor heating, and all that high-end, top-of-the-range
Its reopening with two ground-floor one-bedroom apartments, one
being wheelchair-accessible, a one-bedder and two studios in the
middle floor and a two-bedroom penthouse.
An extravagant-looking bathhouse has been added to the penthouse in
what Mabee calls a lost area in the building.
He says sourcing some of the product has been probably one of the
banes of our life, for example the [penthouse] oven ordered a year ago
arrived last week.
Johnson, however, says she takes her hat off to their tradies and
contractors including builder Aaron Kidd, painter Jeremy Ross,
Advantage Plumbing & Drainage and interior designer Michelle Hopkirk.
Guests get entry via an electronic key on their phone, but if
something goes wrong were five minutes away.
Tariffs for the studios are about $500 a night, and up to $650 for the
As soon as I put it online and opened up sales, I think within about two
hours I had July 50 percent sold.
Theyve also employed a sales agent whos focusing on the Aussie

Source: Mountain Scene


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