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July, 2021

The Ballarat Street Carpark, on the corner of Ballarat and Stanley
Streets in central Queenstown, is set to close from August 2 to support
the construction of the first stage of the new Queenstown Town Centre
Arterial road development.
Queenstown Lakes District Council General Manager Property and
Infrastructure Peter Hansby said the site would be required for
equipment storage containers, aggregate stockpiles, material/goods
storage and temporary construction offices until construction of stage
one is complete.
The sheer scale of our construction programme for the Street Upgrades
and Town Centre Arterial means large areas are required to store the
materials and equipment. Finding space for this is exceptionally
challenging due to the constrained nature of our town centre, Mr
Hansby said.
The timing of the closure was planned to ensure it didnt clash with the
busy school holiday period.
Mr Hansby acknowledged this would add to the significant disruption in
town at the moment and encouraged the community to keep the long
term gains front of mind.
We absolutely acknowledge this is an inconvenience and know that
reduced access to parking, road closures and other disruptions can be
challenging. Were working on options for temporary car parking in the
town centre and keeping up close contact with our business community.
Were grateful for the support, patience and open dialogue so far. The
construction underway right now is significant but try to remember it
wont last forever and it will be worth it, he said.
There are some alternative parking options available and many of the
privately owned facilities are operating under capacity. We have also
been working hard with the Otago Regional Council to improve the bus
service to ensure it is a genuine option for people commuting into or
visiting town.
The temporary reduction in parking in town will be a good catalyst for
more of us to seriously consider leaving the car at home and hopping on
the bus, or considering whether there are changes we can make to what
times were traveling, he said.
Mr Hansby said a Travel Plan is being developed to encourage council
staff to consider alternative ways of traveling into town and suggested
other larger businesses in town think about doing the same.
Having the conversation about how staff are commuting into work and
supporting initiatives that will help them plan accordingly will help with
any feelings of stress or anxiety they might also be feeling about the
situation, he said.
Weve also seen some great initiatives recently by event organisers
actively working to reduce the number of cars on the road in light of
reduced access to parking and road closures. The Park and Ride
initiatives for LUMA and Welcome to Winter gave people a genuine
alternative and were well used. This certainly saw an improvement to
traffic numbers in town while the events were on, he said.
Alternative parking locations include the councils Boundary and Church
Street carparks and in the other privately owned parking facilities. The
Church Street carpark also offers free bike parking and E-Bike charging
stations. The Recreation Ground Carpark is expected to reopen in
October, 2021, and further information about temporary measures will
be provided as they are finalised.
Visitors to the town centre are encouraged to walk, cycle or grab a Bee
Card and travel by bus to reduce the number of cars on the road while
the town centre is undergoing a significant upgrade.


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