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March, 2022

Promoters of Queenstown Salvation Armys new community and social
wellbeing hub are on the final fundraising drive, hoping to start
construction in the next few months.
Sallies regional relationships manager Jade Zeina says theres just
$372,000 left to raise to get the $9.4 million project off the ground.
Weve done a fantastic job and the community has backed us so much
and were so very grateful for them, Zeina says.
The new facility will include low-cost office space for social services,
community meeting
rooms, and an auditorium for small-scale productions.
Its been backed by several private donors and community organisations.
I think when people hear about this project, its hard not to get
excited and enthused
because it will make such a difference, not just for the Salvation Army,
but for other social groups that are really struggling out there with the
higher rents and the poor facilities, as well as the clients that we all
work with.
Zeina says Covid-related disruption in the construction industry at the
moment will
dictate when the project can start, so, for now, theyre focusing on
getting the last bit of funding across the line.
We are still looking at local trusts and hoping to speak to anyone who
would like to
donate any amount & sometimes the last part is the hardest so anyone
who would like to help us & wed be very happy to hear from them.

Source: Mountain Scene


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