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May, 2022

Emerging from a cocoon of scaffolding and tarps is a newly-
strengthened and restored version of the former Bank of New Zealand
building at Arrowtowns Lakes District Museum.
The old bank building has been reinstated with its parapet and six
chimneys, marking a return to its original architecture from 1875.
Museum director David Clarke says the unveiling is the next stage of the
$3.5 million project that involves earthquake-strengthening, restoration
and construction of new displays.
Designed by the notable Robert Lawson, the building was very
decorative for what was a small goldfields town, Clarke says.
The parapets and chimneys were taken down around 1953 when the
museum took over the building.
Leaking gutters and earthquake concerns meant a heavy-looking
hipped roof replaced the ornateness.
Clarke wanted to return the beautiful building to its former glory and
thanks the many tradespeople who made the restoration possible.
It looks magnificent and complements the recently-restored Fork and
Tap building across the road.
Next up for the project is waterproofing the outside walls below ground,
and while construction delays have pushed the project back by five
months, a grand reopening is on the cards for later in the year.

Source: Mountain Scene


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