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June, 2022

Queenstown builders are being squeezed by labour shortages, price
increases and crippling delays in securing materials.
While the spotlights gone on hospo staff shortages, the construction
industrys also crying out for skilled workers, in particular.
Just having the border closed has reduced the amount of
internationals coming in, so thats left everyone pretty short, The
Builders.co.nz GM Richard Mackley says.
Master Builders regional service manager Leon Williams says builders
regularly ask him if he knows of any qualified staff they can employ.
There is definitely a labour shortage, right across the board.
He knows of some builders, when theyre in a lull, helping out others
for, say, a couple of months.
Theres a bit of poaching going on, a bit of money being offered to
attract guys to other jobs.
Angle Interiors South Island director Brett Anderson says another
problem is Immigration NZ delays in processing work visas.
Then there are the problems caused by the ever-increasing costs of
building materials.
The jobs were doing, were doing on a cost-plus basis, rather than a
fixed price, because its just too risky for us, Mackley says.
That then makes it hard for the client, because theres more risk on
them too.
As a result, he foresees prospective clients possibly thinking twice about
going ahead with builds over the next 18 months to two years.
Finally, most builders are being affected by significant delays in
procuring materials, gibboard being a prime example.
The timeframes are pushing out because trying to secure materials has
been quite hard, Mackley says.
It also means builders like him are spending more time on this instead of
productive work like pricing new jobs.
Its not very efficient, but its what we have to do right now.

Source: Mountain Scene


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